Wait & See Estate Planning

The most common concern we see in clients about estate planning is the fear of getting boxed in and taking losses. The world of estate planning is volatile, but just because laws and regulations are bound to change, does not mean you should skip planning altogether.

Wait & See Estate Planning lets high-net-worth clients like yourself start planning now, but keep that plan as flexible as possible. It also allows for access to any trust assets, should there be no estate tax, but remains outside of your estate in case you do get hit with a tax. It's really the best of both worlds.


We establish a highly specialized trust that will hold your assets outside of your estate - which means automatically no taxes on those assets. Furthermore, because of the specialized language surrounding the trust, your spouse has constant access to the assets inside, making Wait & See Estate Planning a simple and practical solution.

But wait, there’s more. Having access to your trust assets means you can use them for extra retirement income, and if you do it right, you can keep that income tax-free.

Fast forward to many years later. Assuming there is an estate tax in place that looks to be quite permanent, the trust assets can be re-positioned in such a way that you’ll be able to leverage them to address those impending tax costs. The client's heirs will then have the liquidity and proceeds to pay for the estate taxes at the client's passing - and can be done at no cost to the client or the trust.


The Wait & See Estate Plan is an incredibly useful weapon in your arsenal. Not only do you have access to your assets, though they are technically out of their estate for all intensive purposes, but you can even drive plenty of retirement income. Plus, we can always re-position your assets so you’re liquid in case estate taxes become due in later years.

The flexibility you want meets the estate plan you need. As we said, it’s truly the best of both worlds and any financial planner worth their salt will agree.

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